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Ask for Angela scheme

The 'Ask for Angela' scheme allow anyone, male or female, gay, straight or otherwise who may be feeling threatened or unsafe while on a date, to approach the bar to seek help by asking for 'Angela'.  Trained staff will then assist. Please note that this scheme is now running in Plymouth, Torbay and some parts of Exeter.

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Domestic abuse

Don't forget to visit this site's Domestic abuse pages for more information and advice In an emergency call 999   Devon Victim Care     Cornwall Victim Care  

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Honour-based abuse

Honour-based abuse is a term that is used to describe the action taken when a family or a community believes that the victim has breached the family's honour or the honour code, or it is believed that the victim may have brought shame or dishonour to the family or community.

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Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare's Law)

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – often known as 'Clare’s Law' – after the tragic case of Clare Wood, who was murdered by her former partner, who had a record of violence against women. Source gov.uk

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Protecting yourself online

The Women's aid website has some information on how to Cover your tracks online but as they warn, there is no way to completely cover your movements online.

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Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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