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Drugs and Alcohol

A list of local and national links to charities and partners who can provide help and guidance for those affect by illegal drug taking and drinking too much alcohol on a regular basis. Please be aware that rehabilitation services may be provided by private clinics and consequently may involve a charge. Please also be aware that sites which help you find a service provider may charge a commission to that provider. Devon and Cornwall Police are NOT accountable for the content of external websites and we do not recommend any particular service.

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County lines

Don't get bullied or tricked into selling drugs. Tell someone, tell fearless.org 100% anonymously if someone tries to get you to sell drugs.

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NPS (formerly known as legal highs) - what are they?

New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) are not currently controlled by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 but these substances are ILLEGAL to sell, supply, or advertise for human consumption.

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Drugs & the law

A third of all property crime is related to drugs. Around three quarters of crack cocaine and heroin users admit to committing crime to feed their habit.

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Cannabis - no big deal?

Cannabis is a Class B drug. Its use can cause serious long term health problems.

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Non Emergency Directory (NED)

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