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Priority reason: 20 Mar 2015

Farm Watch is a national initiative which was launched to tackle the rise in crime linked to farms. The scheme concentrates on providing crime prevention and security advice and guidance, has a messaging network to alert farms to current issues and alerts and raises awareness of the issues with posters and notices to act as a deterrent

The scheme was successfully launched in Autumn 2012 and new members continue to join up. Membership includes signing up to the community messaging service giving crime alerts and early warning information to members and high visibility signage for farm members to act as a deterrent

There is now a database of  members of the Farm Watch which continues to grow.

For further information or if you wish to join please contact



Our response:

UPDATE 28/11/2019 Farm watch and DC alerts

Connectivity continues to be a priority for our Neighbourhood team and Farmwatch along with DC alerts is an important part of our strategy to involve communities in Policing and combating crime.

Please sign up for either one or both and encourage your friends and family to do likewise. 

UPDATE 28/11/2019 Farm Watch

We remain keen to hear from anyone who would like to be involved in Farm Watch. You can do this by e-mailing the link above.


Devon and Cornwall Police are also using Devon and Cornwall Alerts where you can register to recieve updates specific to your area. To find out more go to

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