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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:


Priority reason: 09 Feb 2020

Your Neighbourhood team try to be as visible as possible carrying out targetted patrols in areas where there are issues with ASB and aquisitive crime. We also try to attend as many Parish Council Meetings as possible and when we have the time we will also carryout surgeries in your locality.

Please make contact with us if you have a venue we could use for a surgery and or a regular public social event we could attend such as coffee mornings.  

We have no updates to report at this time.

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Priority reason: 28 Nov 2019

Farm Watch is a national initiative which was launched to tackle the rise in crime linked to farms. The scheme concentrates on providing crime prevention and security advice and guidance, has a messaging network to alert farms to current issues and alerts and raises awareness of the issues with posters and notices to act as a deterrent

The scheme was successfully launched in Autumn 2012 and new members continue to join up. Membership includes signing up to the community messaging service giving crime alerts and early warning information to members and high visibility signage for farm members to act as a deterrent

There is now a database of  members of the Farm Watch which continues to grow.

For further information or if you wish to join please contact



Our response:

UPDATE 28 Nov 2019 Farm watch and DC alerts

Connectivity continues to be a priority for our Neighbourhood team and Farmwatch along with DC alerts is an important part of our strategy to involve communities in Policing and combating crime.

Please sign up for either one or both and encourage your friends and family to do likewise. 

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Citizens in Policing

Priority reason: 12 Nov 2019

Your neighbourhood team is interested to develop new ways to include our communities in initiatives such as citizens in policing including neighbourhood watch, community speed watch, police cadets, special constables and police volunteers.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering to help keep our communities relatively crime free and safe please visit

also on Facebook @DCPCitizensInPolicing or Twitter @DCPolVolunteers

We have no updates to report at this time.

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Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Multi-agency Meeting.

Priority reason: 12 Nov 2019

You will be well aware that there have been some anti-social behaviour issues in Chudleigh. The town council has organised a multi-agency meeting to consider what can be done to tackle this issue and to explore what type of informal facilities for teens and youths would be valuable in the town. Several organisations and have been invited and there has been a positive response from the youth centre,  youth offending team, Teign School and social services. The police Neighbourhood Team are also attending. The meeting will be held on Monday 11 February at 11.30am in the Town Hall.

The outcome of the meeting is outlined below: 

The discussion outlined several issues. It was important to document all incidents of damage and ASB, even if these did not lead to a conviction. The figures for Chudleigh do not indicate high crime or ASB incidents, compared to other towns and there was some acknowledgment of peaks and troughs over the years. However, the impact of several events last summer (which were addressed by the statutory agencies) was considerable. We also discussed the recent purchase of a body camera as a council employee had been subject to very unpleasant verbal abuse when closing the MUGA at night, and elsewhere. Clearing up the mess left by vandalism was also very unpleasant. Generally, however the group was agreed that a positive approach should be taken to young people in Chudleigh.



Our response:

UPDATE 12 Nov 2019 Multi agency meeting

There is ongoing work involving the Neighbourhood team along with the Town Council, Teignbridge council ASB officer, YOT, SPACE and the youth Centre in consultation with the youth of Chudleigh. There is a further meeting scheduled for 12th December 2019.

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ASB Policing Patrols

Priority reason: 14 May 2019

Over the past few months we have had numerous complaints over the following ASB issues in and around the area;

1. Large gatherings of Youths.

2. General littering.

3. Abuse of the facility's.

4. Instances of bullying

5. Substance abuse.

The neighbourhood team have increased the amount of active patrols in the area, hoping that a presence will help to manage the ongoing ASB issues.

We would please advise members of the public to call the Police if they see any Anti-Social Behaviour instead of sharing this information only on Facebook.

Police would like to know who the offenders are and they can be reported to us by using the non-emergency number 101, crime stoppers or online via

Our response:

UPDATE 12 Nov 2019 ASB Patrols

Over the summer months the Neighbourhood team along with their Special Constabulary collegues have carried out increased patrols in the area of the skatepark and MUGA. These patrols will continue throughout the winter months.

The Police have also been working with the Town council and other agencies to try and identify the youths causing the problems and how to engage with them to reduce their offending.

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