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Vulnerable - Need advice?

Priority reason: 30 Jul 2020

The Herbert Protocol: What is it?

The Herbert Protocol encourages carers to collate information on those who are vulnerable onto a form that can be given to the police if they go missing. Carers, family members and friends can complete the form recording all vital details such as: Medication required, Mobile numbers, Places previously located, a photograph.

In an event of your family member going missing, the form can be easily handed to the Police to reduce the time taken in gathering this information. The Herbert Protocol initiative is named after George Herbert, a war veteran of Normandy landings, who lived with dementia.

If you think that your family member or friend is at risk of leaving their home and going missing or already has a history of this please fill in the form as soon as possible. You will need the permission from their next of kin.

When should the form be sent to the Police? The Police only need the form at the point the person is reported missing.

Where should the form be stored?: It should be stored in an easily accessible place in the person’s home but kept out of sight of visitors as the information is confidential.

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