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OP Cleft: Tackling drug crime and organised crime gangs in Exeter

Priority reason: 21 Apr 2018

The neighbourhood team are involved in Operation Cleft, a significant police effort to disturb county lines and the crime gangs bringing drugs into the city.

We are regularly patrolling the worst affected areas and working with partners to protect vulnerable people. This includes cuckooing victims, which are individuals being targeted by the drug gangs to run drugs for them whilst taking advantage of their property.

Should you have any information or witness drug dealing/taking, then please get in contact with us. In an emergency call 999. Otherwise please email 101@dc.police.uk or call 101.When you report incidents it is especially useful to provide person descriptions.


Deaf/hard of hearing and speech impaired

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Our response:

UPDATE 12/10/2018 Targeting Class A dealers in Exeter

We are targeting Class A drug dealers in Exeter.
Vulnerable adults in the Exeter are at risk of being cuckooed. Local drug users can be exploited through establishment of a drug debt. Females can be sexually assaulted and prostituted for sexual favours in payment for drugs.   Children in care, regular missing people and those known to social care or youth offending are more likely to be involved in county lines exploitation including child sexual exploitation. They are deemed to be an inexpensive resource and easily coerced and controlled. This is why OP Cleft is still a key priority.

UPDATE 12/10/2018 Squeezing drug dealers and new youth concerns.

Although there has been a rise in drugs use in Devon and Cornwall, increasingly believed to be because of the availability of illegal substances on the dark web and drugs workers in the county.

We have had reports drugs are becoming increasingly difficult to find in Exeter. However, this is leading dealers to utilise more obscure methods and substances.

The dark web, which is a collection of thousands of websites that use anonymity tools to hide their IP addresses, has been identified in the past as a source of illegal drugs

What we have noticed over a 12-month period is less alcohol use among young people and an increase in drug use, due most probably to the dark web, to social media, and its reference in pop culture and songs.

This week we have dealt with two incidents involving young people whom have been hospitalized as a result of taking what is suspected to have been Darth Vader. The constituent parts are known to include MDMA, Ketamine and Cocaine. These drugs have been identified as being brought and supplied by peers. Research has showed that an ingredient in ecstasy can cause serious liver and kidney damage. Benzylpiperazine (BZP), a toxic substance, has replaced MDMA as the main ingredient in the drug. It is known that different batches of drugs will have different effects because of the different proportions of drug and impurity in the material, and that users are exposed to toxic mixtures of drugs for which both the short and longer-term effects will not be known and cannot easily be predicted. The concentration of the composite drugs has risen three fold to 150mg, increasing the risk of life changing conditions and death significantly to one of the most vulnerable section of our community.

With the school holidays upon us the Exeter Neighbourhood Team are concerned that more children will use these drugs and put their life at risk.

Advice to parents

1. Know where your child is and who they are socialising with, ensure you know how to contact them at all times. 2. Ensure children are aware of the risks of drug use and consequences seen amongst their peers. 3. Provide any intelligence to the police via 101@dc.police.uk to enable us to prosecute suppliers and safeguard those at risk of harm.

UPDATE 12/10/2018 Summer months

In the summer we see a change in the volume and location of ASB / Crime in the city. We see a large increase in tourists coming into the City. We can also see more criminal activity such as drug dealing in natural areas where vegetation provides good coverage. Please continue to report incidents with person descriptions wherever possible.

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