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Secure your home

1 in 3 burglaries are as a result of homes being left insecure. Do a quick audit of your house and identify if any of the following are weaknesses. If you can see them, so can a burglar.

Always lock doors when leaving the house. Lock them even when you are at home but perhaps in the back garden or another part of the house. The same goes for windows.

Install an alarm and ensure that it is always set when leaving your property.

Don’t leave valuables on view including laptops and games consoles. Don’t hang your keys all in one place, keep them in a drawer.

Make sure sheds and garages are locked and secure and all tools are put away.

Before going away, cancel milk, newspaper and other regular deliveries. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your home and perhaps even to put your bins out! And don’t tell everyone on social media that you’re on holiday.

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[Dorset] www.dorset.police.uk/burglary

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