Hayle local policing team priorities

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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Speeding through Connor Downs village

Priority reason: 09 Jan 2019

There have been complaints regarding speeding vehicles and a number of speed checks have been carried out throughout the area.

We have started a new Speedwatch scheme to look at the issues and will be out monitoring in the are.

If you want to become a Speed watch volunteer please read below.

Community Speed Watch (CSW) volunteers are inducted through our Police Volunteer Programme (PVP). All prospective volunteers are required to complete the PVP application process which includes vetting and for certain roles, health assessment clearance.

  • All CSW volunteers will undergo full training from our Speed Watch co-ordinator and will be provided with reflective jackets, signs, stationary and a speed detection device (depending on location and availability). They will be supported by a police officer (PVP support manager) and covered by the force liability insurance.

It is not expected that PVP Volunteers will work a minimum or a set number of hours, we appreciate any time that can be given to the scheme. A few PVP volunteers are given additional training and responsibility in the police station, to administer the process that produces the warning letters.

If you have a speeding problem in your local area

Your first point of contact should be your local policing team. They will be able to advise and guide you through the process depending on what is locally available.

Further information

Please read the FAQs section or contact our Speed Watch coordinator.

Although this priority is still in place it remains a concern for residents and as such we will continue to monitor as a local priority.


Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2019 what we have done

We will continue to monitor the area for speeding.

We have set up a new Speed watch scheme in the area to monitor issues.

If you are interested in volunteering for speedwatch please contact us.


The full history of this priority

Anti Social Vehicles

Priority reason: 11 Feb 2016

There have been concerns about anti social drivers around retail parks and shops in Hayle . Stop checks have been carried out and drivers have been reported for various offences.

In addition to this we have had complaints in the Loggans area in relation to off road motor cycles using a field to ride their machines. Following complaints in relation to noise your local team have identified the land owners who have now clarified that the land is private and NOT to be used in this way.

The land owners are in the process of securing the land to prevent this civil trespass which in turn will reduce noise issues for local residents.

Our response:

UPDATE 27 May 2018 what we have done.

We have continued to monitor the areas or anti social vehicles.

We have patrolled all problem areas and will be proactive when dealing with anti social vehicles.

If you see any vehicles being driven anto socially please contact us.

The full history of this priority

Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Criminal damage to Asda Hayle

Priority reason: 09 Jan 2019

There has been recent criminal damage to the windows at Asda Hayle which runs into many thousands of pounds.

We have stepped up patrols of the area and are actively looking for the offender.

If anyone has any information or can help us in anyway please contact us as soon as possible.  

Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2019 What we have done

We have carried out more patrols of the area and offered reassurance.

We have had no further issues but will continue to monitor the issue and patrol the area.

The full history of this priority

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