Holsworthy local policing team priorities

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Engage with key stakeholders and develop effective partnerships to reduce demands.

Priority reason: 10 Jan 2019

Engaging with social services, environmental agency, the parish and district

councils to name but a few. To assist us in redirecting to an appropriate

agency, bringing some resolution to the issues, thus reducing repeat demand

on the Police.

Our response:

UPDATE 07/01/2021 Council Communication

Whilst there have been difficulties in attending Town & Parish meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NPT is in regular contact with the Parish Clerks and has been in direct communication with a number of Councillors during this period.

UPDATE 05/02/2020 Council Meetings

Members of the NPT attended meetings in Ashwater, Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Pyworthy and St. Giles On The Heath, in January, to discuss local matters with Councillors.

UPDATE 07/12/2019 Farm & Rural security

The NPT, along with a member of the Devon & Cornwall Police Rural Affairs team, spent some time at Kivells Agri-Busiess Centre in November, to raise awareness of our efforts to support the local farming community, with crime prevention advice and information on Devon & Cornwall Alert- our 2 way messaging service. For more details please visit https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/our-services/devon-and-cornwall-alert/devon-and-cornwall-alert-explained/

UPDATE 07/12/2019 Council meetings

Members of the NPT have attended Parish Council meetings in Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Halwill, Black Torrington and Sheepwash during the last quarter.

UPDATE 01/08/2019 Council meetings

During July members of the NPT attended Council meetings in Bridgerule, Broadwoodwidger, Clawton, Holsworthy and Pyworthy. 

UPDATE 31/07/2019 Herbert Protocol Implemented

Following recent discussions and research by the management team at Bodmeyrick Residential Care Home in Holsworthy, the home have implemented the Herbert Protocol, where it applies, for residents. The protocol is an additional safeguarding measure, intended to speed up the early stages of Police involvement in a search for a missing person, suffering from dementia. Full details can be found in the news section of our page.

UPDATE 29/07/2019 Safeguarding meeting

On 9/7/19, members of the NPT attended a safeguarding meeting with staff from the local primary school and community college

UPDATE 29/07/2019 Herbert Protocol

The NPT have been working closely with Bodmeyrick Residential Home in Holsworthy, promoting the use of the Herbert Protocol. Bodmeyrick have recently undertaken to hold a missing person profile for all applicable residents, in order to aid Police if a resident with dementia should go missing from the site.

UPDATE 21/07/2019 Parish meetings

NPT members attended meetings in Holsworthy, Pyworthy and Bridgerule this week to discuss local issues with councillors.

UPDATE 26/03/2019 Holsworthy Area Advisory Group Meeting

A member of the NPT attended the meeting at Holsworthy last night, together with Councillors representing numerous Parish Councils, the Town Council and District & County Councillors.

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