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Anti-Social Behaviour

Priority reason: 02 May 2018

The local Neighbourhood Police Team has received reports of anti-social behaviour in and around the local area, including on our beaches and in our public parks and gardens.

Anti-social behaviour includes a range of nuisances, disorder and crimes which affects communities on a daily basis; from vandalism and graffiti, to drunk or rowdy behaviour in public.

If you witness any incidents of anti-social behaviour, and it is a police matter please contact us by calling 101 or completing the 101 contact form.

Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

Our response:

UPDATE 30/09/2021 So far we have:

Both Seaton and Sidmouth Neighbourhood teams have worked alongside East Devon District Council to issue Community Protection Warnings and Community Protection Notices to a number of individuals in both towns who have continued to cause anti-social behaviour. 

We have recently issued a number of stage 1 anti-social behaviour warning letters to individuals following reports of anti-social behaviour form neighbours and members of the public.

On 07/09/2021 a Closure Order was obtained by Seaton NPT for an address where there were ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour, noise complaints, drug misuse and dealing along with reports of violence. 

Regular patrols of ASB hotspots will be continue to be conducted by the neighbourhood team and members of the Special Constabulary. Please report any anti-social behaviour including key times & locations where this takes place.

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