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Anti-Social Driving & Vehicle Offences

Priority reason: 17 Jun 2016

You were concerned about anti-social driving, including the use of faulty or excessively noisy exhausts, in and around the Seaton area. Main hot spots include the Underfleet and Harbour Road areas.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team will be conducting regular patrols in the area and plan to carry out various operations in the coming months, dealing with any driving offences in and around the Seaton area. The team will target persistent offenders.

The local Neighbourhood Policing Team and the Special Constabulary will not hesitate to report offenders for prosecution and issue Section 59 Notices where appropriate - these are written warnings to drivers caught driving anti-socially and if they are caught driving in an anti-social manner again within 12 months their vehicle could be seized.

Our response:

UPDATE 08/09/2021 Anti-Social Driving & Vehicle Offences

The local Neighbourhood Police Team carry out targeted patrols regularly in areas where reports are received about ongoing anti-social driving.

We have seen an increase in reports regarding anti-social driving in the past few weeks, and would ask members of the public to report any vehicles of concern to us. Following these reports, we have been out on targeted patrols in areas if Seaton. In the past month, a number of drivers have been reported for no insurance, No MOT, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence, dangerous driving and failing to stop for Police. Numerous have been stopped and words of advice given. 

We are also working alongside our community speed watch groups, and are out conducting speed monitoring & enforcement regularly. 

During Road Safety Week 2021 (17th - 23rd May), officers from Seaton Neighbourhood Team seized two vehicles off the road and reported a number of drivers for offences including zig-zag parking, no insurance, no M.O.T and driving without due care and attention. Both Sidmouth & Seaton Neighbourhood officers were also out completing speed checks in busy locations and will continue to do so.

Seven drivers were also reported in May for contravening a road traffic sign at Colyford Level Crossing.



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