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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Promoting safe driving

Priority reason: 25 Jul 2017

South Molton policing team will be pomoting safe driving targeting the use of mobile phones, seat belt use and speeding in the South Molton area.

Our response:

UPDATE 25 Jul 2017 Recent activity

Over the last two weeks, officers from the South Molton policing team, as well as the Forcewide roads policing unit, have conducted patrols in the South Molton area targetting road traffic offences. A number of drivers have been given roadside education for minor road traffic incidents, as well as others being prosecuted for more serious incidents.

Last week PC Lansdell was joined by three pupils from the Community college, who assisted in conducting a speed watch on North Road in South Molton. during this operation, a large number of vehicles were stopped for excess speed, and other motoring offences. It gave us, and the college students the opportunity to provide roadside education to drivers who had contravened laws. It was also a great tool in effectively providing a highly visible deterant to those who reguarly drive at excess speed in the town.

We will be continuing to target dangerous driving in a number of different areas on the patch, both in highly visible, and less visible ways. Offenders will be dealt with robustly.

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Beauty spot thefts from vehicles

Priority reason: 19 Jul 2017

The rural parts of North Devon are prone to spates of thefts from motor vehicles left by people visiting well known beauty spots.  Whilst we have had very few of these in recent years, there have been a number of such thefts in areas across Exmoor in the Spring of 2017.

PLEASE make sure that valuables / bags etc are not left on show in your vehicle and that ideally, that they are kept with you rather than left in your vehicle.


We have no updates to report at this time.

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Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Speed watch

Priority reason: 25 Jul 2017

Issues surrounding speeding vehicles raised with local Police by residents across the district during patrolling.

Our response:

UPDATE 25 Jul 2017 So far we have

22/09/10 - Between 0800 and 0900hrs, Speed Checks were carried out by PC Micallef and Councillor Hopper in West Buckland after concerns raised at the last Parish Council meeting regarding the speed of vehicles through the village.  During this time no cars were found to be speeding.

01/11/10 1230-1330 PC 118 Elsmore and PCSO Yorkie conducted speed checks at Filleigh outside by the school, 1 person was issued with a speeding ticket and 4 were given words of advice.

26/01/11 - Speed checks carried out the the morning in Filleigh by traffic officers.  No persons found to be speeding.

26/02/2011 - PCSO Rozputynski and PC Holloway conducted speed checks in Filleigh.  One driver was issued a fixed penalty ticket for exceeding the speed limit.

09/03/2011 - PC Elsmore and PC Watson conducted speed checks in Filleigh.  Two drivers issues with fixed penalty tickets for exceeding the 30mph speed limit.

16/03/2011 - PC Micallef Conducted Speed Checks in Filleigh, several driver given words of advice for slightly exceeding the speed limit.

17/03/2011 -  PC Micallef and PC Holloway conducted speed checks in Filleigh.  Six drivers were given words of advice for slightly exceeding the speed limit and two drivers issued with fixed penalty tickets for exceeding 40mph.

Wednesday 23/03/11 - Sgt Williams conducted speed checks outside North Molton school. Numerous legal speeds recorded. One driver stopped and advised for slightly exceeding the limit.

03/05/2011 - Road safety input given to Kings Nympton school. 

27/09/2011 - No reports or concerns raised about speeding vehicles in the rural parishs of south molton in the past few months.  Speed checks will continue to be conducted in certain area's.

24/01/12 - Speed check by PCSO Napier in Leigh Road Chulmleigh. Issue discussed at Town Council Meeting.

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Anti-Social Driving, Filleigh

Priority reason: 25 Jul 2017

Police have had reports of cars driving around Filleigh estate in an anti-social way pulling doughnuts and handbrake turns. This is happening most Sundays around midday.

Our response:

UPDATE 25 Jul 2017 So far we have

Over the Last month, Officers from the South Molton policing team have carried out speed enforcement operations In the village of Filleigh, targetting key times of day, whilst children are commuting to the school. This has proved an effective measure, seeing a marked reduction in speeding. It was also apparent that the road lends itself to excess speed, and as such, we are in discussions with the council, to see what else can be done to address the issue in the longer term.

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Anti-Social Behaviour, Witheridge

Priority reason: 14 Mar 2011

PCSO Rozputynski (Yorkie) held a PACT meeting on 12/03/11 with parish/district councillors and members of the community. There is evidence of alcohol consumption near to the youth shelter, damage caused to the parish hall and concern over anti-social behaviour in Cannington Road Witheridge.

Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2012 So far we have

Friday 11/03/11 - Officers from South Molton were on routine mobile patrol when they spoke to a group of people in the grounds of the parish hall. One person became abusive and was arrested for a public order offence. A local man has since been cautioned in relation to this incident.  

Sunday 13/03/11 - The police received a report of a moped being driven along Brooke Road.  The registered keeper of the vehicle and parents have been given words of advice relating to possible offences.

Friday 18/03/11 - Response officers, neighbourhood team officers and a special constable have completed extensive early and late evening mobile and foot patrols in the area. One individual was seen riding a scooter and was advised about possible offences. The rider was later issued with a section 59 warning (possible confiscation of vehicles due to the way they are driven). Parents have been updated with action taken against the rider and registered keeper. There were no reported incidents of anti-social behaviour. 

Saturday 19/3/11 - Further mobile and foot patrols conducted in the early and late evening by response officers and the neighbourhood team. There were no reported incidents of anti-social behaviour

Wednesday 23/03/11 - A review was conducted of all incidents in the Witheridge area since 12/03/11 (PACT Meeting). Only one incident has been logged and that did not relate to anti-social behaviour. There have been no reported incidents in Cannington Road.

Friday 25/03/11 - Mobile and foot patrol by South Molton staff during the evening, several people seen in the youth shelter at the parish hall. No reports of anti-social behaviour, however some may have been drinking alcohol.

Monday 28/03/11 - A review was conducted of all incidents in the Witheridge area over the weekend. There were no reports of anti-social behaviour. 

Friday 01/04/11 - There were two reports of anti-social behaviour in Witheridge, one in the area of the parish hall and another in Cannington Road. Officers were quickly on the scene and made two arrests, one for a public order offence and one for drunk and disorderly. Both men have been charged with offences and bailed to appear before Barnstaple Magistrates in the near future. The men do not live in the village.

Saturday 02/04/11 -  At 11:00 hrs PCSO Rozputynski (Yorkie) attended Rest-a-While Centre to complete a PACT drop in surgery, Yorkie was accompanied by two members of the parish council. At 12:00 hrs they attended the youth shelter at the parish hall, evidence of alcohol consumption was found nearby. At 12:30 hrs they walked to Cannington Rd knocking on doors and speaking to residents. There were ongoing concerns about anti-social behaviour after the arrests made on 01/04/11.

Friday 08/04/11 - No incidents or crimes reported to the police. Officers from the neighbourhood team, special constabulary and dog section patrolled Witheridge during the evening and early hours of the morning. A substantial amount of alcohol was seized from a group of youths who were having a party in a field. A number of the youths were searched and a quantity of drugs seized. Two arrests were made for drugs offences and the suspects taken to Barnstaple. They do not reside in the Witheridge area.

Saturday 09/04/11 - No incidents or crimes reported to the police. Officers were once again on mobile and foot patrol in the area.

Thursday 14/04/11 at 1330 PCSO Rozputynski attended the area of Cannington Road Witheridge with a representative from Magna Housing.

Saturday 23/04/11 - Patrols of Witheridge, not many people around but the residents that were spoken to said how quiet and well behaved the youths have been over the Easter holiday.

Thursday 12/05/11 - Review of incident logs in recent weeks, there have been no reports of anti-social behaviour. Patrols continue.

Friday 13/05/11 - North Devon Journal article relating to the incident on 01/04/11 - click here

Reports have continued throughout the Summer of Anti Social Behaviour occuring around the area of the Parish Hall.  these are mainly reports of youth drinking.  many of the youths that use the shelter are over the age of 18 and there is no restrictiion on the area preventing them from consuming alcohol.  No ASB issues have been reported in the Cannington Road area. 

It has also been brought to police attention that Drain Covers are being removed withing the village, we would like anyone with information regarding this to report it to us via our non emergency 101 number.

09/01/2012 - no incidents reported in recent months in the Parish Hall or Cannington Road areas.  Police patrols have continued and no anti social behaviour has been noted in these locations


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Anti Social Behaviour, Langley, Chulmleigh

Priority reason: 20 Jul 2010

Local residents of Langley in Chulmleigh have brought to the police's attention the growing issue with rowdy youths and young adults drinking alcohol and late night parties the communal garden area

Our response:

UPDATE 24 Apr 2011 So far we have

PCSO Rozputynski and PC Micallef have made several visits to the area of Langley to speak to the residents. The main issue raised from doing house to house was that noise, alcohol and parties happening in the communal area and not on their own property. This has also been brought to the attention of the Parish Council on 07/07/10. Police patrols have been increased in the area.  Langley patrolled during the Chulmleigh fair (27-31 july) on a daily basis.  No issues or ASB noted.

Following Futher reports of Anti social Behaviour, 2 address's in Langley have been issued with Letter 1's which is the first stage of the ASBO process.

Area patrolled during Halloween, plenty of children about enjoying themselves, no reports of anti social behaviour in Chulmleigh that evening.

On 21 January 2011 during the evening a vehicle was tipped up on its side which was parked on the jusction of Langley/Beacon rise.  Crime CS/11/35 refers.  the offenders have not been identified.

31/03/2011.  No concerns or incdients of ASB reported in the area.

23/04/2011. Two reports of ASB were reported to the police because of rowdy youths shouting and being a general nuisance in the area late at night. During PCSO Rozputynski's (Yorkie) PACT meeting at the town hall today during Coffee morning the issues of langley were raised by locals with concerns that the problems are alcohol related and the problem seems to stem from a property at the top end of Langley.


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Criminal damage, Davy park, Chulmleigh

Priority reason: 20 Jul 2010

Criminal damage is being caused to Davy Park, Chulmleigh. Areas targeted are the play area and youth shelter.

Our response:

UPDATE 30 Jan 2011 So far we have

It has been mentioned to PCSO Rozputynski that the youths that use Davy Park are abusing the facility given to them. PCSO will increases patrols and try to stamp out the problem. As it is exams at the community college for the next few weeks alot of the youths go there in-between their exams to wait for the school bus. Also alot of youths are coming over from the Lapford and Chawleigh area's.

Davy park patrolled regularly throughout Chulmleigh Fair (27-31 July ).  Plenty of youths using the park but no issues to report.

21/09/2010 - Damage has been reported to the wall by the play park.  It is estaimated to cost about £400 to fix.  This is currently under investigation, one youth has admitted causing a small amount of the damage. 

31/10/2010 - Area patrolled during halloween - all quiet.

03/11/2010 - the youth who caused the damage to the wall in the park has recieved a reprimand.

No matters reported to the police since the incident above which occured in september


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