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Beauty spot thefts from vehicles

Priority reason: 31 Mar 2017

The rural parts of North Devon are prone to spates of thefts from motor vehicles left by people visiting well known beauty spots.  Whilst we have had very few of these in recent years, there have been a number of such thefts in areas across Exmoor in the Spring of 2017.

PLEASE make sure that valuables / bags etc are not left on show in your vehicle and that ideally, that they are kept with you rather than left in your vehicle.


Our response:

UPDATE 15/02/2018 Spring 2018

So far this year we have had no reported thefts from Motor vehicles, please still be vigilant when leaving your vehicles in isolated car parks.

Please don’t tempt the opportunist thief by leaving items of value on display or under coats on the back seat, be mindful of who might be observing you, and leave things out of site in the boot, do not place items under the seats, they usually can see part of them, remember that loose change you have for car parks left in view will also tempt someone to take that risk.

Before leaving your vehicle take a second look, can you see anything? Have you left a charging lead out for your mobile phone or sat nav? If so move it.

Your vehicle is a shop window to the opportunist thief.

Due to its very nature, it is very difficult to solve this type of crime without help from YOU.

Have you seen something which you were not happy about? If so REPORT IT with as much detail as possible, but without putting yourself in any kind of danger.


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