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Promoting safe driving

Priority reason: 28 Aug 2016

South Molton policing team will be pomoting safe driving targeting the use of mobile phones, seat belt use and speeding in the South Molton area.

Our response:

UPDATE 06/03/2017 .

Officers and staff have carried out speed awareness checks at Witheridge today with really positive effect. Several motorists were stopped and spoken to with regards to their speed and to improve road safety in our area.

Officers continue to be out on patrol in both marked and plain vehicles, targetting those motorists who flout the law in order to make our road network safer. Increased patrolling along with specific operations are in place due to the new legislation regarding the use of mobile phones and other devices whilst driving. You have been warned. Please do not allow yourselves to be distracted whilst driving and look at our latest news articles for latest information.

It is still of huge concern to us the amount of people who still feel it is acceptable to drink and drive. The latest Court results from the North Devon Journal make very disappointing reading and show the consequences of such actions.   

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