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Promoting safe driving

Priority reason: 28 Aug 2016

South Molton policing team will be pomoting safe driving targeting the use of mobile phones, seat belt use and speeding in the South Molton area.

Our response:

UPDATE 25/07/2017 Recent activity

Over the last two weeks, officers from the South Molton policing team, as well as the Forcewide roads policing unit, have conducted patrols in the South Molton area targetting road traffic offences. A number of drivers have been given roadside education for minor road traffic incidents, as well as others being prosecuted for more serious incidents.

Last week PC Lansdell was joined by three pupils from the Community college, who assisted in conducting a speed watch on North Road in South Molton. during this operation, a large number of vehicles were stopped for excess speed, and other motoring offences. It gave us, and the college students the opportunity to provide roadside education to drivers who had contravened laws. It was also a great tool in effectively providing a highly visible deterant to those who reguarly drive at excess speed in the town.

We will be continuing to target dangerous driving in a number of different areas on the patch, both in highly visible, and less visible ways. Offenders will be dealt with robustly.

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