South Molton local policing team priorities

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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Rural Crime initiatives

Priority reason: 02 Jan 2019

To address and reduce criminality within the rural community by linking in with our partners on a regular and effective basis. Increase the use of and membership to the Devon Alert scheme.  

Our response:

UPDATE 02 Jan 2019 Update 26/11/2018

Efforts continue in support of our rural crime strategy with recent operations undertaken. Reports of criminality across our rural comunities continue to be low, but we are looking to work closely with our communities and partner agencies in an attempt to make it lower still. Please be our eyes and ears when out and about, protect your assets and report any suspicious activity to us immediately.

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Increased connectivity

Priority reason: 26 Nov 2018

South Molton Local policiing team, in conjunction with our new Police Support Volunteer Millie and Councillor Advocates, aims to increase and improve the quality and effectiveness of our connectivity and communication with the communities we serve.   

Our response:

UPDATE 26 Nov 2018 Update 18/06/2018

Each Parish and Town Council now receive a newsletter on a monthly basis in addition to our monthly 'Police Blog' in the South Molton and District news publication.

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Central Park

Priority reason: 25 Sep 2018

We have received reports of anti-social behaviour in the central park off Mill street.

Our response:

UPDATE 26 Nov 2018 Update 26/11/18

Officers and staff continue to patrol the park areas around town and have recent dealt with three local youths for unruly behaviour under the Anti-social behaviour act legislation. Efforts continue in conjunction with South Molton Town Council and other partner agencies. 

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Safer driving

Priority reason: 25 Sep 2018

South Molton Local Policing team are actively engaged with promoting road safety initiatives across the area in an effort to improve driving standards, targeting the 'fatal five' distraction factors. This includes the use of mobile phones, failing to wear seat belts and speeding in the South Molton area.

Our response:

UPDATE 26 Nov 2018 Update 26/11/2018

High visibility patrolling carried out on the A361 North Devon link road by officers yesterday daytime along with a traffic operation targeting uninsured drivers elsewhere across the Force. Please click on below link for article:- 

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Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

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