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Safer driving

Priority reason: 19 Apr 2018

South Molton Local Policing team are actively engaged with promoting road safety initiatives across the area in an effort to improve driving standards, targeting the 'fatal five' distraction factors. This includes the use of mobile phones, failing to wear seat belts and speeding in the South Molton area.

Our response:

UPDATE 11/05/2019 Red Thumb Day and Enforcement

Red Thumb day was on the 23rd April and we shared some pictures on our Facebook page.   Our Colleagues in Roads Policing are spending as much spare patrol time  as possible working on the A361 as we are now into the busy summer period.   

The purpose of Red Thumb day is to make drivers aware of distractive devices such as phones and tablets when driving.  This is one of the offences our roads policing officers will be looking out for on the A361 over the summer. 

We are also acting on information and intelligence you have been telling us about those who choose to not have insurance for their vehicles.  We have seized a vehicle recently and have more on the list we are looking out for.     Having no insurance or MOT costs us all, as premiums go up to cater for the cost from uninsured drivers.  Not having an MOT means the car is not safe and a danger to others, both drivers and pedestrians.  Keep giving us the information we will act on it.

We have seen a couple of nasty collisions on the East Street Zebra Crossing over the last year; between pedestrians using the crossing and Vehicles.  We have prosecuted in both cases.  Please be  extra aware when using or passing the crossing and do not park or stop on the ZIG ZAG lines.   


UPDATE 26/11/2018 Update 26/11/2018

High visibility patrolling carried out on the A361 North Devon link road by officers yesterday daytime along with a traffic operation targeting uninsured drivers elsewhere across the Force. Please click on below link for article:- 

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 18/06/2018

A joint road safety event was had on 29th and 31st May 2018 with our colleagues from Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue. Please click on the following link for the news article in the North Devon Gazette.

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 21/07/2018

Local officers have been out in conjunction with our colleagues from the roads policing team in both marked and umarked vehicles targetting driver behaviours which are one of the main causal factors for collisions. Three motorists dealt with for excess speed, use of mobile phone and not wearing their seat belt.  

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 11/08/2018

Officers and staff continue to work closely with colleagues from Roads Policing across the alliance in order to promote road safety and deal with those who transgress the law. Local male arrested this week for drink driving and two others dealt with for driivng offences on the A361, North Devon Link road. 

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 07/07/2018

Officers and staff continue to focus on road traffic related matters, this month being distractions. In our monthly Police Blog (see attachment on News section) we have also highlighted the need to keep windscreens clear to avoid haze / dazzle from the sun... 

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 19/04/2018

Staff from South Molton Policing team are actively working with partner agencies towards improving driver awareness and standards within the local area. Efforts are ongoing through the use of high visibility patrolling, use of unmarked vehicles, specific traffic operations coupled with utilising the local press and social media.  

UPDATE 25/09/2018 Update 25/09/2018

There have been lots of roads policing activity across our patch in recent weeks, with people dealt with for drink driving, using mobile phones when driving and parking on the zig zags in the town.

We would also like to encourage you to take the "Road Safety Pledge" as listed in our news article section.

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