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Priority reason: 10 May 2018


Local police are working with Parish Council, residents, ASB coordinator and housing to try to resolve the issue. A small number of local kids are causing problems at the location and around the village. Schools are also involved. Regular patrols by St Columb neighbourhood team and engagement with the group continuing.

With help from Newqauy staff the individuals involved have been issued with further stage 2 letters and housing have also laiised with parents.  A primary tasking has been created for regular recored patrols. We will keep monitoring the sitaution. 07/01/19


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Housing officer , ASB coordinator and local police have visited the parents of a number of local youths involved in the ongoing problems. ASB Stage 1 and 2 letters handed out and one individual on a curfew. Police looking into dispersal order and creating tasking for all local units to patrol the area when time allows. Local residents also keen to set up some sort of group to work with police and partner agencies.

Local patrols and engagement continuing.

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