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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

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Directed Patrols and Licensing checks

Priority reason: 08 Jun 2019

Following recent assault in the centre of St Columb Major town centre. Local police with partner agencies will be directing patrols and visiting unannounced all licensed premises within the town. The licensing checks have been completed with no issues reported however we will not rest on our laurels and we will be re-attending. All the landlords have been reminded of their responsibility. New landlords at Coaching Inn to meet with local NBM. 08/06/2019

The parish council have kindly installed two extra CCTV cameras in the area of Broad Street and Fore Street. 08/06/2019


We have no updates to report at this time.

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Improving Community Engagement

Priority reason: 08 Jun 2019

We are working hard to increase presence and visibility to improve confidence and lines of communication to all areas.

We are keen to join with other agencies and local volunteer groups, to help communities become more cohesive and resilient to localised problems. This can include youth groups to reduce ASB, Crime Prevention Advice to improve home security, Watch Schemes and any other initiatives which builds the community’s capacity and connectivity to prevent future problems.

We are contuining to work towards the above aims. 08/06/2019

Our response:


In recent weeks we have received some complaints about the youths in the area of Mowhay Meadows and Harvenna Heights, Fraddon. ASB being the main concern. We will be patrolling the area and speaking with our partner agencies.

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Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

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