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Youth Anti-Social Behaviour-Teignmouth Positive outcome!

Priority reason: 21 Jan 2021

The youths, who cannot be named for legal reasons have been given civil injunctions after attacking innocent people, intimidating members of the public, acting with a ‘pack’ mentality and using threatening and abusive behaviour on a regular basis.

One of the group has been jailed for five weeks after repeatedly breaching the injunction. This shows the strength civil injunctions hold and that any breaches are dealt with robustly.

The orders were issued with the following conditions:

  • Not to associate together in both public and private places.
  • Not to use abusive language and engage in anti-social behaviour, threatening or violent behaviour or engaging others to do so.
  • Three of the five individuals are also prevented from entering the town of Teignmouth

The orders last for 12 months and show the type of behaviour in Teignmouth that will not be tolerated. They have also been issued with a power of arrest and any breaches of the orders will be dealt with robustly.

Teignmouth’s new mayor, Peter Williams was delighted with the outcome of the court process.

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