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Our policing team priorities are as follows:

Our top priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Op Relentless

Priority reason: 09 Jan 2019

Update 09/01/2019


We are continuing to work with other agencies including St petrocs outreach team to tackle to issudes of Anti Social Bhehaviour & Street drinking within Truro



Over the winter months of 2017 Truro City experienced a surge in ASB associated with a cohort of individuals of whom were either homeless, rough sleepers or street drinkers.  This behaviour affected those living and working in Truro and there was an increased fear of crime from within the community.

These issues were tackled via a multi-agency approach under the banner of Truro Safe. Since this time, issues have reduced significantly however of late there has been a notable increase in activity which shows behaviour similar to that seen in 2017.

Reports have been received from public, businesses and local counsellors that they feel that the previous troubles and instances of criminality are returning to the City Centre.

Our aim with 'Op Relentless' is to offer reassurance, enforcement and safeguarding by way of a multi-agency approach.




Over the past months local officers have collated data on those people who have been causing Anti - Social behaviour and criminality.

Criminal Behaviour Orders have been amended where the prohibitions have been broken - resulting in prison sentences.



Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2019 Op Relentless


Multi Operational Meeting taken place to discuss individulas who require safeguarding and further intervention.

Individuals are being sign posted to receieve the most appropriate services.


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Trading Standards and Devon and Cornwall Police

Priority reason: 25 Oct 2018

PCSO Emil Gabriele is now on a 6 month attachment working alongside Cornwall Council Trading Standards Department.

Emil will be assisting to investiagte door step crime that has been reported to the Council or the police.

He will be conducting proactive patrols in areas that have been identified as Door Step Crime hot spots.

Emil will be engaging with the community to raise awareness by way of leaflet drops, social media, door knocking and attending community meetings. From this intelligence will be gathered and reviewed.

Anybody who wishes to report any concerns/issues involving Cold Callers / Door Step Crime can contact Cornwall Council or Devon and Cornwall Police.

We have no updates to report at this time.

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Our resolved priorities for your neighbourhood are as follows:

Higher Town Church Truro

Priority reason: 09 Jan 2019

Local youths are climbing onto the roof and causing minor damage to the property.



Youths have been identified and dealt with for the matters. The ASB escaltion process is now in place and reviewed on a monthly basis.



Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2019 Higher Town Church

Local uniformed Neighbourhood Officers will be visiting the location to identify any youths presence who are causing anti social behaviour.

Officers will look to use the Anti Social Behaviour escalation process - with a view to prevent further issue from happening.

Crime Prevention Officer has made contact with church representatives to carry out a visit and look to use anti climbing paint.


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Trispen & St Erme Parking Issues

Priority reason: 09 Jan 2019

Concerns have been raised with regards to parking issues within Killigrew Gardens in the Parish of Trispen & St Erme.  Police will be working closely with Cormac/Highways and the local Council to ease and resolve these problems.

Our response:

UPDATE 09 Jan 2019 Meeting on Saturday 14th July

PC HOSKING and PCSO EAGLES held an informal meeting with counsillers regarding this issue.  This clearly needs a multi agency approach to resolve issues, there are several hurdles to overcome this challenge due to private property and road layout in the area.  This will be an ongoing task over the next 12 months.  Further updates to follow.

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Playing Place Park

Priority reason: 10 Sep 2018


No further reports of ASB received from the public. Officers have not seen any further ASB on their patrols.



We have recieved several complaints from members of the public about individuals within the playing park/skate park area of Playing Place who are upsetting others with their Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). This includes swearing, littering, drinking and intimidation among other issues.

We will look to enforce any incidences we come across in an effective and appropiate manner.

We will also employ the help of outreach workers from local youth clubs and escalate individuals through the ASB process.

We have no updates to report at this time.

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