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Request no: 0786/20

The amount paid each year by your force to informers or covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) for each year from 2015 to the present. (To be clear, by CHIS I exclude paid law enforcement officers who are working undercover and refer only to private individuals who have received sums of money in return for information). I am happy to receive this information either by calendar year or financial year - whichever is simplest. I would like to establish if possible the scale of these payments in terms of the sums received by individuals. On this basis, I would also like to request: :: The average sum paid per informant/CHIS for each year from 2015 - ie the annual total paid divided by the number of informants. :: The highest sum paid each year to a single informant/CHIS - ie the largest sum of money received by an individual in return for information.


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Disclosure date: 02-Mar-2020


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