Disproportionality statistics

Devon & Cornwall Police has made a commitment to publish data about disproportionality in terms of stop and search, use of force and becoming a victim of crime.

Devon & Cornwall Police statistics for April 2019 to March 2020

  • If you are Black, you are three times more likely to be a victim of crime than a White person
  • If you are Black, you are 12 times more likely to be stopped and searched than if you are White.
  • If you are Black, you are 9.5 times more likely to be the subject of use of Force
  • Covid fixed penalty notices (FPNs):
    • We issued 900 - 11% ethnicity unknown, 22% people who didn’t live in D&C.
    • If you are BAME you are 2.8 times more likely to receive a FPN.
    • If you live outside D&C and are BAME nearly seven times more likely to receive a FPN.
    • If you are Black, you are six times more likely to be designated as a suspect
    • If you are Black, you are half as likely to receive a community resolution.

We are continuing to focus resource and effort to better understand the picture relating to disproportionality in our Force area.

We are dedicated to working with our communities to:

  • Improve our understanding of disproportionality, explore links to socio-demographics and place-based crime.
  • Work with partner agencies to understand the whole picture.
  • Continue discussions and action planning.
  • Improve the quality of our data.
  • Identify opportunities for prevention where over-representation exists.
  • Consider opportunities for identifying hidden harm where under-representation exists.

The intended outcome being to reduce harm to the communities in Devon and Cornwall Police, increase legitimacy in policing and inspire our communities to have confidence in Devon and Cornwall Police. We can only achieve this with the cooperation, support and insight of our communities.

We published the following media release on Monday 21 September 2020


The Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall  has a Use of Police Powers Community Scrutiny Panel which has has published a report on stop and search powers in relation to the Force.


National context:

Data available for England and Wales provides the ethnicity breakdown for each Force area by:

  • Stop and Search
  • Arrests
  • Detentions under section 136 of the Mental Health Act

This data is based on the last financial year and is usually published annually in October.

In November 2019 the Ministry of Justice released national statistics on Race and the Criminal Justice System 2018 which collated a number of data sources together (mostly compiled at a national level).

The Home office also summarises ethnicity facts and figures in relation to crime, justice and the law. https://www.ethnicity-facts-figures.service.gov.uk/crime-justice-and-the-law.

Each section has an area where individual forces are able to download the data used, some of which breaks down into Force areas.

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