Equality information and reports

2020 - Introduction

Our equality information helps us identify and understand potential key equality issues across our functions including employment and service delivery areas.  Interpreting this data helps us to develop our equality objectives. This includes information about workforce, satisfaction rates, access to our services, details of engagement and outcomes.

We acknowledge that we currently do not have data for all our protected characteristics and work is ongoing to improve and increase this.

The data

The data we are publishing falls into two main categories:

  • Data relating to our work as a police service
  • Workforce data 

Comparisons of this data can be made with that available from 2016 under our Equality Archive page (here). 

To mirror our structure, we now record the geographic information against four Basic Command Areas:

  • Cornwall
  • North, East and West Devon
  • South Devon
  • Plymouth 

Following feedback from our Independent Advisors and users of our data, we have for our 2020 data also included a summary of some comparisons with 2019, which can be accessed here.

In September 2020 Devon and Cornwall Police launched a new drive to combat discrimination in policing after listening to the experiences and concerns of people in our minority ethnic communities.  Further information is available here.

This includes a commitment to regularly publish race disparity data relating to the use of police powers including stop and search, use of force and becoming a victim of crime. This information can be found here.  

The following data tables are available as excel documents:

Arrests – Information is provided by our NSPIS Custody system and provides details all those arrested by;

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex

Stop and Search – This table provides of individuals who have been stopped and searched details based on;

  • Ethnicity (PNC)
  • Sex
  • Location of search

Information on the outcomes of Stop & Search can be found here and are also published on police.uk.

Offenders – Includes information recorded on our UNIFI system on all those arrested by:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Location of offence

Hate Crime and Incidents – This information is taken from our STORM and UNIFI systems and includes information on the geography where the offence occurred and hate type.

From the 1st December 2018, Devon and Cornwall Police started recording hate crimes and incidents based on sex or gender. 

Victims of Crime – Information is provided for all types of offence, with victims of Domestic Abuse and Hate related crimes and Sexual Offences also provided as separate discrete datasets.  The information has been disaggregated by;

  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Sex
  • Geography where offence occurred
  • Offence type

Workforce information – Every year, Devon & Cornwall Police produces information about our workforce mix.  As we advised in 2019, we were committed to expanding the amount of information available on the diversity within our workforce.  This we have done. 

The attached workforce mix information provided not only details on our police officers, PCSOs, member of police staff and Special Constabulary, but also our volunteers.  In line with our positive action work, we have also published information on those within crime and criminal justice (Detectives) and specialist roles. 

Given the timings required for publishing this data, it has not been possible to publish the full year’s data; however this we intend to do by the end April 2021.

We also publish gender pay gap data here.

Positive action activity can be found here.


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