Bodmin Borough Police (1836 - 1866)

The Bodmin Borough Police force was formed on 1st January 1836 consisting of three constables paid from the borough rate, headquartered at the Town Hall. They wore tall hats and frock coats and were issued with small pocket notebooks describing their powers and responsibilities, including the expectation they would act as firemen in the event of a fire.

In December 1852, the record in Slates Directory states that the County Jail and House of Correction was at Berrycome. Its governor was Mr John Everest and the matron was Ann Dungey.

When the Cornwall County Constabulary was formed in 1857, Bodmin was selected as the site of county headquarters, and for 30 years there were two police forces in Bodmin. The chief constable of the county police pressured the Bodmin town authorities to abolish the borough police in favour of installing county policemen, but it was not until 1866 that he was successful.


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