Why a strategic alliance?

And why our two forces?

Even in tough economic times, both Devon and Cornwall Police and Dorset Police are committed to sustaining an effective police service to the public. This was the main reason for choosing to work together in an alliance.

We both need to continue to save money; improve efficiency, maintain, and even strengthen our resilience; and invest money in tackling new threats, such as cybercrime.

You may have seen our officers working together to police the region’s roads. This was one of the first successful collaborations and showed how, by working together, we can keep the roads safe across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

Working together across geographic boundaries and increasing co-operation will also give us greater capacity to respond to major incidents.

Why Devon and Cornwall and Dorset?

  • Both forces also share very similar values and have embraced the College of Policing’s Code of Ethics.
  • Our geography and the mix of rural, coastal and urban communities who live in our three counties are similar.
  • Both forces have a history of strong performance and we have broadly similar policing styles.
  • There is a lot of trust between our organisations and we already work together in many areas.
  • We are both determined to protect the service our public enjoy and demand.
  • And we both want to invest in modernising to meet future threats, despite challenging budgets.

Together, both chief constables and both PCCs are fully committed to continue building the alliance between our two forces.

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