Public misconduct hearings

Following amendments to the Police Conduct regulations 2012, members of the public are now able to attend Misconduct Hearings and Special Case Hearings as observers.  Proceedings will be held in public subject to a decision made by the panel chair, to exclude any person from all or part of the hearing.

Notices of misconduct hearings will be published on the Devon and Cornwall Police website a minimum of 5 working days prior to the proceedings.  The closing date for applications to attend will be included within the published notice for each hearing.

Hearings will ordinarily be conducted at Devon and Cornwall Police Headquarters, Middlemoor Exeter, and limited spaces will be available. 

Devon and Cornwall Police Misconduct Hearings will be live streamed and viewed on a screen in a hearing room set aside for members of the public and press.

Purpose of public hearings

Misconduct hearings are held to present the facts of the case and allow officers to give an explanation of their conduct and the circumstances surrounding the allegation. Witnesses may be called to be give evidence. The purpose of a public hearing is to show that the Police disciplinary system is open and transparent, and to demonstrate that we do hold officers are held accountable for their actions

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