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We are currently not recruiting Police Officers

Devon and Cornwall Police is committed to fairness towards all members of the community. We need people with a range of skills and experiences from a mixture of backgrounds to help us deliver excellence in local policing across Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We welcome and encourage applications from all of the diverse groups from within our communities.

We would especially like to hear from people with fluency in languages represented across our two counties. The most common languages spoken in Devon and Cornwall are:-

Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian, RussianBulgarian, Mandarin/Cantonese, Arabic, Bengali, Kurdish Sorani, Turkish and Slovakian.

A huge variety of roles are carried out by Police Constables and it is an incredibly challenging and rewarding job. We look for dedicated, positive and empathetic people to fill vacancies throughout Devon and Cornwall. As a Police Constable you would work closely with the community and undertake activities to tackle crime and disorder at a local level.

If you are considering registering when we next open please read the Police Officer Recruitment Guidance for applicants document carefully and in full.

Please choose the correct option from the two below, if you enter the wrong process we will not be able to rectify this at a later date.

If you are currently employed by Devon and Cornwall Police or Dorest Police as Police Staff or PCSO or are a currently attested and serving Special Constable with Devon and Cornwall Police or Dorset Police

Please Read

Police Officer Application - Guidance for Internal Applicants

For all other Applicants

Please Read

Police Officer Application - Guidance for External Applicants

Please make sure you meet all of the essential criteria set out within this document. If you do not meet the criteria then regrettably you will not be considered for the role of Constable.

It is particularly important that you meet the following essential criteria *

  • All applicants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • All applicants must have achieved a standard of education equivalent to ‘A’ Level or meet the published criteria as a PCSO or Special Constable
  • All applicants must hold a full manual EU driving licence upon registering

Thank you for your interest in joining Devon and Cornwall Police.

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