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#GetInGoFar be a Modern Apprentice

Being an apprentice gives you the chance to obtain a recognised qualification and develop professional skills while earning a salary.

We believe an apprenticeship should be the start of a career path that could take you all the way up to management. You’ll be a valued part of the team, learning how you can contribute to the success of Devon and Cornwall Police.

“We’ve had three apprentices in Alliance Finance so far. It’s been a real pleasure to help them develop their careers and they’ve brought a fresh perspective to the organisation.”

Peter Chatfield, Management Accountant

“I know where I want my career to go and working for Devon and Cornwall Police as a Modern Apprentice is giving me a chance to earn the qualifications I need.”

Summer Clift, Modern Apprentice

Entry requirements for apprenticeships vary by role and level and are dependent on the learner's existing skills, grades and work experience.

As long as you are 16, not in full time education and live in England you are eligible to apply for an apprenticeship.

Apprentices are highly employable

  • 97% of apprentices say their apprenticeship has improved their ability to do their job,
  • 92% of in-work apprentices said their apprenticeship has had a positive impact on their job and career.

Apprenticeships are advertised on our Current Vacancies page.

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