Transferee stories

Our transferees come from across the country and from various backgrounds. They all have one thing in common though - they love working here.

Scott Britton, Detective Sergeant

DS Scott Britton

I recently transferred from Greater Manchester Police to Devon and Cornwall and found the process really smooth. The biggest thing I took from the process was the support given by D&C during the process.

My perception of transferring fuelled by the fact that Devon and Cornwall is such a sought after force to work that I would have to jump through hoops. In fact the process was really simple, the calibre of candidate was clearly high but the process allowed me to feel open and display my skills. I moved to Devon with my wife who grew up in the area and upon visiting Devon over the years I fell in love with the area.

The assessment day was structured and all of the questions I had were answered on the day. The following process of joining was worked with my previous force and all of the admin matters were dealt with by the time I joined. The transfer course itself was in depth and a great welcome to the force.

Since starting at Plymouth CID I was given support by a dedicated local officer and allowed the time to adjust to the new systems and way of working. Coming from a busy metropolitan force the level of complex investigation and work has not changed. I have led an international modern day slavery crown court case, serious assaults and a wide range of testing investigations.

Being still young in my police career I feel Devon and Cornwall is the perfect place to progress. Devon and Cornwall has the ability to offer a testing and rewarding professional career along with an incredible area to live with coast, moorland and whole host of leisure activities.

I have been supported with further investigator and leadership courses and look forward to the next chapter in my career and hope to progress further within Devon and Cornwall Police.

Claire Brown, Detective Constable

Claire Brown

I am currently a DC working on the Sexual Offences and Domestic Abuse Investigation Team in Totnes and I have been an Acting Sergeant for 4 months.

At the start of 2017 my boyfriend applied for a new job which involved an exam. If he passed the exam, he would be given a job where he could be placed anywhere in the country. He was told in March that he had been successful and was placed in Devon and Cornwall with a start date in August 2017.

I was working in Kent Police at the time as a Detective Constable having had some experience in the Serious Crime Department, was working in CID. I also was vice chair to Kent Police Disability Support Group, which I did in my own time. I was thoroughly enjoying working with my team and had some significant court results.

My boyfriend asked me to move to Devon and Cornwall with him. In May 2017 Devon and Cornwall Police opened recruitment for Detective transferees, I applied and started in September 2017.

 Since I’ve transferred I’ve been fortunate enough to be in charge of and involved with some high profile and significant investigations resulting in substantial custodial sentences. I was worried that as I had spent nearly a decade in Kent Police building a reputation and a wealth of experience that I would have to start from the beginning again but that wasn’t the case. It didn’t take long before I was given the opportunity to prove myself.

The best thing about transferring to Devon and Cornwall Police would be the lifestyle change. I have always been quite an outdoors type person but in Kent it wasn’t as accessible and I always found a reason not to. Since living here we visit the beach quite a lot, go on walks, go climbing, spend time in Exeter and I’m hoping to learn to surf when the sea gets a bit warmer. The fish restaurants are very good and the surrounding countryside views are amazing. I thought it would be hard being 4 hours away from friends and family but I regularly go back and everyone wants to visit where we live.

Sally Wootton, Detective Inspector

Sally Wootton

I am a Detective Inspector in the Public Protection Unit covering the Exeter, east and mid Devon area. I transferred from Northumbria Police as a PC in 2001 and moved across to CID in 2003, where I have spent the rest of my career and love it!

Devon and Cornwall is undoubtedly a different policing experience to the rough and ready streets of Newcastle, but its challenges come in different guises – rural policing, fewer resources and a vast geographical area.

 My career has taken me through general CID, Sexual and Domestic Abuse, Child and Adult Protection and Major Crime Investigation where I worked on numerous murders and major enquiries.

The best thing about D&C for me is the people and the positive attitude to development of staff and wellbeing. I live a 10 minute walk away from the beach, half an hour’s drive away from the most stunning moors in the country and I’ve had to buy a larger house to accommodate all the visitors!

The quality of life in D&C is second to none, but with a huge influx of County Lines work, OCGs and Modern Day Slavery, don’t underestimate the variety and complexity of the work either!

Christy Stone, Detective Constable

Christie Stone

I’m a Detective Constable currently working in the Local Safeguarding Investigation Team (within the PPU) in Torquay, Devon. Our main role is child protection and vulnerable adults safeguarding. I have just shy of 10 years Police service. 

I completed my CID course with Devon and Cornwall Police in 2013 having joined Guernsey Police in 2008. This course and experience opened my eyes to a number of opportunities within the police that were not available to me in Guernsey. Following a 6 month sabbatical in 2015, I returned to Guernsey and made the decision to look for new ways to progress my career. Having been welcomed by D&C during my CID course this was the first force I enquired with about transferring. Luckily for me….they were recruiting at the right time.

I moved to Devon alone leaving behind all my immediate family in Guernsey. I was introduced to another police officer at a local CrossFit gym within 3 days of moving. She went on to introduce to me a number of people I now call close friends…including my boyfriend. 

Within 3 months of transferring I was supported to take my Sgt’s exam which I successfully passed in March 2017 and I am currently the OIC for a major child abuse enquiry which due to its nature and complexity is different from your day to day investigation. I have also had three cases go to court within the last month…all with successful outcomes. Once of these cases was a complex child abduction investigation.

I have been able to work on some complex investigations which I would not have had the opportunity to do in my previous force. I have also had plenty of opportunity to develop my own skills by attending a number of different courses over the past 2 years.

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