Procurement regulations

Primary Objectives of Standing Orders

Anybody who procures goods, services or works in the course of their role is doing so on behalf of the Police or Crime Commissioner (Customer) and should undertake this in strict accordance with Force Standing Orders.

These regulations apply to each Customer and the SwPPD and have four primary objectives:

  1. To ensure that procurements conducted on behalf of any Customer by the SwPPD obtain value for money.
  2. To ensure that procurements conducted on behalf of any Customer by the SwPPD comply with English law and any European law in force in England that governs the procurement of goods, services and works.
  3. To establish procurement procedures which, when followed, should protect members and officers of the Customers, the Forces they maintain and the SwPPD from any allegation of acting unfairly or unlawfully which may be made in connection with any procurement undertaken on behalf of any of the Customers by the SwPPD of goods, services or works.
  4. To ensure that any risks to a Customer associated with entering into a contract resulting from any procurement conducted on behalf of the Customer by the SwPPD are assessed as part of the procurement process.

Procurement Thresholds

Threshold and TypeValueQuotation/Tender ProcessResponsible for Procurement
Low Value Transactions Up to £14,000 A written or electronic quotation. Must demonstrate value for money and the aggregated spend cannot exceed £14k Devolved
Intermediate Value Transactions £14,001 to £40,000 A risk based procurement options analysis to be undertaken to determine the most appropriate procurement route Devolved
High Value Transactions Above £40,001 and below EU Threshold £156,442 Follow tender process SwPPD
Over EU Threshold Over £156,442 Follow tender process SwPPD

Low Value Transactions and Intermediate Value Transactions

All activities that lead up to purchasing goods, services or works MUST evidence value for money.  As the threshold value is defined by aggregated spend across all participating Customers and not individual order it will be necessary to ensure that your procurement does not initially breach this level. 

The SwPPD team will be able to advise whether your requirement fits within these criteria together with offering professional support and guidance especially with related Terms and Conditions and Agreements.  The SwPPD will also be able to recommend any solutions that may already exist to meet the relevant procurement requirements as well as any opportunities for meeting the relevant procurement requirement in collaboration with other Authorities.

If you are advised that your requirements are within the scope of a Low Value Transaction then good practice recommends that a minimum of three suppliers are invited to bid/quote for low value procurements. 

It may be agreed that SwPPD leads on a below £40k transaction, this would be determined on the risk and nature of the specific procurement.

High Value Transactions and Over EU Threshold

The SwPPD will undertake all procurement activities within this type.

A team member from the relevant Category will be assigned to work with you ensuring that your requirements and anticipated costs are fully understood and captured to establish availability of existing opportunities or potential collaboration. 

Having identified the most appropriate procurement route, whether this is via a full EU tender process, access to an existing framework through call-off or further competition, or a full tendering process, the procurement lead will commence the Procurement Process.

Timescales differ depending on the route chosen and the complexity of the requirement.  A full EU tender process can take in the majority of cases upwards of 6 months whereas timescales can be reduced with existing frameworks / contracts.


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