Being different, feeling different Poems

Don't be ashamed of who you are.

Be confident, be yourself and be respectful of others.

Some poems written by young people about being different

Hate Crime

You said I'm weird, you call me names

I'm nice to you but you're still the same

Because I'm different you make me feel small

But cause of you I know I'm tall

I am proud of myself as I know I should be

I would care for you like you should for me

You don't know me or my story

You kick me punch me bring me to my knees

Kill me even after I beg you please please

Let's stop hate here today

Cause no one deserves to have to pray

To keep their life for another day

By anonymous

Budehaven Community School

It's okay to be different

When I was born my mother cried tears of joy,

I was hers to play with, I was her toy.

I loved being a princess, a fairy, a queen,

I loved to dress, wash and preen.

I started school, all alone

At the mention of my name there was never a groan.


I could do anything, my mother once said,

She said again and again so it was drilled in my head.

As years went by I was told it was true,

But my friends drifted away, I hadn't a clue.

I was alone, a loser, a freak,

I wanted to defend myself but I couldn't even speak


I was teased, bullied, everyone so easily lead,

I couldn't keep on ignoring the voices in my head.

Why couldn't I be like them, like the boys?

Running around, care free amd making all that noise.

So I set about it, the brand new me,

I'd do it so that no-one could see.


Then word got out,

Everyone laughed, crackled and it made them shout.

It's not fair! No matter what I do,

Why can't I be treated like you or you?

I would often cry

It shamed me so much that I thought I would die!

That's when those dark thoughts came

I thought I could just banish the shame.


Why life this life???? I mean,

I just didn't have the guts to end it, so it would seem

So I decided against plan B

And started to consider the new me.

I cut my hair, nice and short

Changed my style and started to court.


I like girls and not boys so why not become one,

But it made me shameful, a fake, a con

Not to Skyla but she didn't know,

I told her and she said she didn't want to be part of my freak show!

She told me she hated me and the way that I lied

That night I went to bed and cried and cried.


The next morning I started a new,

Why should I continue to be blue?

I have now joined in the fight for people like me,

I've learned I needed self-confidence that was the key

It's not my fault it's just the way that I am

So why should I hide who I am inside?


It was done, I now have friends and a lover who cares,

She said the best people come in pairs.

I told her right out that I am who I am

She just hugged me and said that I was still her man!

So that's me, the new transgender me

I can actually say it now and be totally are free...

Except one thing.


I sat her down and told her the truth to who I am

She howled and cried like a shepherd when they lose a lamb

They weren't tears like when I was born, tears of joy,

It's okay mum just face it, I'm a boy, I'm your boy

So that was my fight to banish the hate crime

I know it will stop if I give it some time


Look in the mirror, you don't like what you see?

It's okay to be different, different but free

Who cares what they say, you are who you are

If you allow yourself to see it you shine the brightest by far

So don't put down that sparkle, don't turn away

The new era is starting it's on its way


So pick up your weapon, this is your fight too

Becuase the biggest changes can start with you

By anonymous
Torpoint Community College

Locked Away

We all walk down the street,

Moaning and dragging our feet,

Texting on our phone,

Being each other's clone,

The love that guides us through,

They say it's just and true,

But when you jeer and jest?

If you're a girl and you look up,

At the girl that you love,

Would you shut it up in a drawer?

That part of your very core?

If you're a boy in a fight,

And you look up and your heart takes flight,

At the boy who nobody likes?

Would you hate or would you be nice?

Would you look at yourself with loathing?

or realise you're not a clone in clothing?

By anonymous

Hate Crime

For more information on what it is and how to report it please visit the Hate Crime page

Zero-tolerance to hate crime

Be part of it: Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime


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