County lines

Don't get bullied or tricked into selling drugs.

Tell someone, tell 100% anonymously if someone tries to get you to sell drugs.

A new opening?

Are you:

  • easily intimidated?
  • don't want much pay?
  • easily replaced?

Do you like:

  • working in isolation
  • being told what to do by a stranger on a phone
  • living in fear of being hurt

Then you are in luck a position has just become available due to the last young person being knifed by a revival gang. (Health and life insurance not included!)

Don't be fooled into thinking that the stranger is doing you a favour, or being kind or loaning you money with no strings attached - he/she will want something in return and it could be that you will be Going County.

'Going Country', 'County Lines' or 'OT' (out there)

County Lines is where criminal gangs set up a drug dealing operation in a place outside their usual territory. Gangs will move their drug dealing from big cities (e.g.  London, Manchester, Liverpool etc.) to smaller towns in order to make more money. They will trick or threaten young people to sell their drugs in the small towns. The young people often travel by train or are driven to the small towns and made to stay there until they have sold all the drugs, are arrested or killed.

If you have any information about this type of behaviour you can let know 100% anonymously

Trapped - County Lines

Police, local authorities, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, young people and an MP have launched a campaign to stop criminal gangs from grooming children and vulnerable adults to commit crime.

Thousands of children in the UK are being exploited by drugs gangs

Drug gangs are exploiting large numbers of children and pushing them onto the frontline of the UK’s class A drugs trade, ITV News reveals.

Know it's happening in your area

Tell us by calling 101 or if your life is threatened, or someone else's is call 999.

You won't get into trouble if you tell us.

If you are the young person, please tell us we can and we will help you.

Youth being offered money

If it looks like easy money, it won't be and you or your family could get hurt. There is always another way. Talk to the youth issues team, they may be able to help.

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