Call 999

If someone is hurt bad, if there is a fire, if someone is drowning, if nasty people are scaring you call 999.

The Correct Way to Make an Emergency 999 Call


For home phones, pay phones and card phones, lift the telephone and press 999 on the keypad.

For mobile phones, press 999 on the keypad and then the ‘call’ button.

Your call will go through to an emergency telephone operator. They will ask you,

“Which emergency service do you require?”

Ask for the service / the people you need:-

  • Police - for nasty people
  • Ambulance - for someone who is hurt
  • Fire Service - to put out the fire
  • Coastguard - to pull the person out of the water

They will then connect you to the people you have asked for.

The operator / person on the phone will then ask you a few simple questions:-

  • “What has happened?”
  • “What is your name?"
  • “What is the number of the telephone you are calling from?”
  • “Where is the incident or where are you?"
  • “Is anyone hurt?”

You might be asked other questions to help the operator assist you more quickly. Whilst they are speaking to you, they will also be giving the information to the person who will be on their way to help.

Try not to panic and don’t speak too quickly.

Answer the questions as calmly and clearly as you can.

When the call is finished find a safe place to wait for the emergency service to arrive.

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