Bullying can come in many different forms – it is anything that makes someone else feel bad about themselves.  It can be laughing at someone, calling someone names, or even hitting them. Bullies can say nasty things or make you feel bad. Bullies can also use social media sites to to write nasty things about you.

Bullies try to make their victims feel like there is something wrong with them, and this is not the case.

Some bullies use text messages and e-mails to hurt their victims. 

If you receive threatening messages, save them and tell an adult – don’t let the bullies get away with it or they will have won.

No one deserves to be bullied; everyone has the right to be safe.

How to beat a bully

The best reaction to a bully is to be happy and confident. Show them that they are not important to you.

One way you could do this is to work harder on something that you are good at, like skateboarding or Judo, building models or painting pictures and when the bullies attack, remember how you felt while doing the task, smile stand up tall and walk away from them.

Remember bullies like picking on the weak and the underconfident.

Look strong and confident

Stand tall, shoulders back, look straight ahead, arms by your side gently swinging while you walk.

Talk to a friend with enthusiasm or think about the things you are good at or a good day you had or even a TV programe you enjoyed.

Social media

If you are using a social media site (which as most sites state you need to be aged 13 - you shouldn't be!) then learn how to use the privacy settings so that you can stop the bullies from seeing what you post and you don't have to see what they are saying.

Tell someone

People who are bullied are often scared to tell anyone, but it's very important that you talk to someone you trust.

Talk to your friends or a trusted adult.

At school

Ask your school to set up a Peer support programme. This is where older children who may have suffered from bullying are given training on how to help others who are going through it.

YOU are not alone you are not the only one being bullied coming together and talking about what is happening will help.

You can also ring Childline - 0800 1111 for advice.

Dealing with Bullying and Family issues ring Childline

Your parents or carers might find these websites useful

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