Hungry, feel dirty, cold, not wanted

Feel like running away? Please don't.

Call Childline for advice and help: 0800 1111

People who look after you

The adult(s) who look after you (mum, dad, uncle, aunt, older brother/sister, grand parent) should be able to make sure you are:

  • out of bed in the morning 
  • you have clean clothes to wear
  • you eat a good breakfast
  • you wash and clean your teeth
  • that you've done your home work
  • that you get to school safely and on time
  • that the house is clean
  • that you feel safe, happy and warm most of the time.

Normal but annoying

Sometimes the people who look after you find it difficult to put your needs first all the time.

They may have to work late and don't get home in time to take you to the party you wanted to go to or your tea may be late, or your favourite school jumper didn't get washed.

If this happens every now and then this is annoying and upsetting but normal adult behaviour!

Not normal and not good

You or the adults who look after you may need help if: 

  • They are ill most of the time
  • They are sad most the time
  • They make you sad most of the time
  • They complain they are tired all the time
  • They drink a lot of alcohol
  • They take drugs
  • They argue most of the time or they hit each other
  • They hit you
  • You are left to take care of yourself
  • Sometimes you have to look after them

If you feel scared, sad, cold and hungry most of the time please ask for help.

You can ask a friend's adult, a teacher or you can call childline on 0800 1111.

Please call Childline for advice and help: 0800 1111

If it is an emergency where someone is in danger or people are injured ring 999.

For more advice please take a look at this leaflet on neglect


5 reasons to contact childline:

  • They are not easily shocked by what you tell them
  • You don't have to go into detail if you don't want to
  • They will never judge you
  • Talking to them is confidential (they won't tell)
  • They will listen and support you in making the situation better.

Call childline on: 0800 1111

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