On the internet

There are things you should know when you use the internet

  • Websites aren’t always what they appear to be; be careful what you click on.
  • Remember to keep your personal information private, and learn how to block people you don’t know from chatting to you online.
  • Be careful what you say or post online; test yourself by asking ‘would I want my Mum / teacher / stranger on the bus to see this?’  If the answer’s no, don’t post it.
  • Remember that people online are not always what they seem; you’re safer if you only chat to people you know in the real world.
  • Don’t open e-mail or attachments from people you don’t know; they could have viruses or horrible messages in them.
  • Webcams can be really handy and a lot of fun, but they can also be very dangerous.  Use them just to talk to friends and family.
  • If you feel someone is bullying you, or behaving strangely on a website, contact the site administrator.  If someone tries to get you to meet them, do not go, talk to an adult that you trust.

For more tips on having fun and staying in control on the Internet, or to report any problems you have, visit think u know and check out the links below.

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