How to speak dog

When you have read and watched the videos why not try our quiz to see how much you can remember?

Understanding what you dog is saying.

A dog talks to us using its body, watch the video to see if you understand dog.

Greet a dog

Treat a dog like a friend who has just walked out of a sea of baked beans and you have your favourite t-shirt on - with respect.

Please don't run up to a dog screaming and waving your hands around or hug the dog or put your face too close to its face and never tease a dog. No one likes being teased

Do ask the owner of the dog if you can say hello to the dog. Do let the dog smell you before you gently stroke it under the chin.

Rules when with a dog:

  1. If in a room on your own with a dog, don't play with it and if you feel uncomfortable with the dog move to another room.
  2. Do not approach dogs when they:
    • are eating or having a treat
    • have a toy or something else they really like
    • are sleeping
    • are unwell, injured or tired
    • are blind or deaf
  3. Be kind and polite to dogs. Don’t climb on dogs, pull their ears or do anything you wouldn’t do to a friend.
  4. Play nicely with your dog.  For example, teach your dog some really fun tricks like shake a paw, play dead, or roll-over, its amazing what you can teach a dog with the promise of a dog treat!
  5. Make sure an adult is with you and the dog - if your dog looks unhappy, let him/her go somewhere they feel safe and happy and do not follow them.
  6. Don't approach a dog you don’t know, for example when out in the park.

source: RSPCA’s six golden rules of keeping safe around dogs

If a strange dogs comes up to you in a park Be a TREE!

sm be a tree

  1. Stop
  2. Fold in your branches
  3. Watch your roots grow and count in your head

The dog will lose interest and move away.

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