Have your say!

We welcome your views on all aspects of policing.

Below you will find out how you can provide your views on stop and search, as well as what to do if you want to give feedback (good and bad) about being stopped and searched.

You will also find information about our independent scruinty group for stop and search and how you could join that group.

How can I tell the police my views on Stop and Search?

You tell us your views on stop and search in various ways. You can send us an email to our stop and search email account.

You can also tell us your views by any of the contact methods on our contact us page.

What is the independent scruinty group and how can I join?

Find out more about the ndependent scruinty group here.  

What can I do if I am unhappy about being Stop and Searched?

If you were not happy with why you were stopped and searched or if you were not happy with the way in which you were treated during being stopped and searched you can make a complaint.

To do this go to the contact us section of this website and follow 'how to make a complaint'. If you don’t want to make an official complaint but want to give feedback (good or bad) on being stopped and searched you can email: stopsearch

This email will be seen by the senior officer reviewing stop and search for the local police and be given to the independent scrutiny group to review.

Community Trigger

What is it?

The community trigger is a process which allows members of the community to ask for a review, to provide feedback, or seek investigation or reassurance as to the way Stop & Search is used in their community.

The Trigger is designed to ensure we work together to try and resolve any complaints or concerns. The Trigger does not replace the complaints procedure, or your opportunity to complain to the Professional Standards Department or Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Find out more about the Community Trigger or how and when you can use a trigger here.

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