What is Stop & Search?

The police are people. Some of the things they do they do as ordinary people; and some of the things they do they using the powers given to them as police (police officers or Police Community Support Officers).

If a police officer speaks to you it will generally be using no police powers, but as an ordinary person. Like an ordinary person, you can expect them to be polite.

They can ask you anything including;

  • who you are
  • where you’ve been
  • and they should explain why they’re asking.

As they’re not using any special powers you do not have to answer their questions; or stop with them – but like with an ordinary person, it is always good to start out being polite back (even if you are telling them you’re not going to talk to them).

Consider whether what the police are doing is helpful; trying to keep weapons and dangerous drugs off the street, and stopping people stealing things is something you may want to try and help the police with (even if they don’t have a power to insist you help them).

Why do we need Stop and Search? - Know your Rights

Watch this video to know more about Stop & Search.

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