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FAQs - young people

A lad drinking from a can while a girl watchs


Young man spraying on image on a wall

Antisocial Behaviour

Young woman moving towards the front door with a person stood outside

At home

A boy holding another boy while yet a third takes an image using a mobile phone


Two boys in a video store, one placing a video in his inside pocket.

Breaking the law

Young person feeling down as a group of girls talk amongst themselves


A young man leaning against a tree looking sad


A young woman sat on the sofa using her laptop

Internet safety

Face of a young lad with a base ball cap on

Missing persons

Mobile phones

Mobile phones


The 'Best Night Ever'

Young people waiting at a Taxi rank

Travel safely

A young lad in a police cells with his head hung low


Young people looking up at a CCTV camera

You've been Framed