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Report assault, anti-social behaviour, damage, harassment or theft and receive a response within 24hrs.

If the crime is happening now call 999

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If you would like to receive an update on the status of a crime that you have already reported to us.

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Want to show us some dashcam footage?

Great select the Upload to Snap link, but please bare in mind you may be asked to go to court as a witness.

Talk to us about crime or a vulnerable person

You can -

Frightened wide eyed girl with man's hand across mouth

Child sexual exploitation

Together we can stop it!

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People in a public space on a moving walk way

Prevent extreme views

Prevent aims to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

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Zero-tolerance to hate crime

Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime

For help and support and to sign the pledge

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Take five to stop fraud

Take five to stop fraud

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