Neighbourhood Watch

Various watch schemes are running throughout Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. These are managed by Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association (DaCCWA).

A watch scheme is a group of like-minded people getting together to help reduce crime and make their community safer. Neighbourhood Watch covers urban areas, such as cities, towns and villages.

Other watch schemes are available to join such as Farm Watch and Horse Watch which are similar to Neighbourhood Watch. Further information can be obtained from your local policing team. It covers all property in rural areas and helps people who feel they are too remote to benefit from Neighbourhood Watch.

The purpose of these schemes is to bring together people from farms, rural businesses, rural properties and horse owners who want to contribute to protecting their property and themselves from crime.

Aims of Neighbourhood Watch

  • To prevent crime by improving security, increasing vigilance and maintaining a caring community.
  • To assist the police in detecting crime by encouraging prompt reporting of criminal or suspicious activity.
  • To reduce undue fear of crime by providing accurate information about risks and by promoting a sense of security and community spirit.
  • To improve communication between police and the community by fostering regular contact and liaison.

How the schemes work

  • Schemes are run by their members and led by a resident volunteer co-ordinator, whose job it is to get people working together and make sure things get done.
  • The scheme co-ordinator liaises with the police and acts as a voice for the community. Some schemes also have a committee that meets regularly to plan which problems to target and what actions to take.
  • Schemes are supported by the police, the local authority and their local Neighbourhood Watch Forums.
  • Neighbourhood Watch schemes vary in size – they can be large, covering most of the houses on an estate, or they may involve just a few houses.
  • To find out about Neighbourhood Watch schemes in your area or to discuss setting up a new scheme, contact your local policing team or complete the non-emergency form.

How to join or set up a scheme

Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association Chair:
Julie Dowton
Tel: 07703468628
email DaCCWA

The Devon and Cornwall Community Watch Association (DaCCWA) is the recognised umbrella organisation for watch schemes in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

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