Road collision unit

By definition, a road traffic collision is where a mechanically propelled vehicle (eg a car, lorry or motorbike) on a public road or other public place (eg a car park open to the public) causes damage to someone else's property or vehicle, or any other person or animal is injured. (animal is limited to: horse, cattle, ass, mule, pig, sheep, goat or dog).

If you are, or represent or insure a person, involved in a collision, you may request information from our records for your own use. We have a set table of charges that indicates both the information categories available to you and the cost of an abstract.

Finally, we have information on The Motor Insurers’ Information Centre. This was established by the insurance industry to oversee, on their behalf, the development and ongoing management of the Motor Insurance Database. This database is already a key tool against those who commit the offence of driving without insurance.

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