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Please consider if the portal is the appropriate way of reporting if the information you are providing is time-critical.

Always call 999 if there is an emergency, a crime is in progress, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

Please remember that the Partner Agency Online Portal isn’t a referral form and does not replace any pre-existing referral or statutory safeguarding procedures.

This form is NOT monitored continuously 24 hours a day.

Please use the online crime reporting form to report a crime.

In an emergency call 999.

This process must NOT be used to replace existing statutory safeguarding procedures.

If you have concerns that an individual is being radicalised telephone the Alliance PREVENT team on 01392 225130.

Partner agency information sharing

You and your organisation

(If you are providing information regarding multiple unrelated matters, these need to be made under separate submissions.)
Its source and permissions

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To find out what happens to your form once completed please note the below:

Question: What are the reasons for collecting this information?

Answer: To respond correctly to threat, risk and harm in our communities. To safeguard vulnerable people.

Questions: Where is the information stored once it has been emailed?

Answer: Emails/Online contact forms, once processed, are stored in an archived folder within force systems. Intelligence is stored within UNIFI.

Question: Who has access to this information?

Answer: Emails/Online contact forms can be accessed by appropriately trained and vetted Force Intelligence Directorate staff. Unifi information is accessible by appropriately vetted staff and some other agencies in accordance to strict intelligence handling codes.

Question: How long is the information held for?

Answer: All information is stored in compliance with MOPI.

Question: If a person wants to have the emailed information deleted, or removed from any Force database, or devices it has been saved to which email address do they send this request to and how long will the process take.

Answer: The request would be made to the Data Protection Team who would respond to the individual as soon as possible within the statutory time periods.

Question: Will you be able to email them to let them know that you have deleted all the information from your systems?

Answer: This would be part of the Data Protection Team processes, for any questions on this please contact Data Protection Alliance

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