The Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime Pledge

Hate crime can harm the very core of someone’s identity, and whilst this may often be committed through ignorance it can also be associated with inherent hostility and prejudice.

"The defining characteristic of a hate crime is not actually hate.
It's prejudice.
We use the word hate to define it
because the prejudice is born of a hateful climate."

George the Poet on hate crime, for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Lets be a strong inclusive community and create a climate free from prejudice. Sign the pledge to send a clear message - we have Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime.

I want to pledge to:

  • promote an equal society to uphold the rights of everyone and we will work to eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment, victimisation and unfair treatment
  • foster good relations by promoting respect for each other and tackling prejudice
  • report any incidents of hate that are witnessed within our organisation / premises

Please read the important information below before deciding whether you wish to complete the form towards the bottom of the page.

Why are you collecting this information?

Each person that signs the pledge will receive a confirmation email, which will also enable them to request campaign materials - posters, stickers, newsletters, etc. - to help them promote their involvement. We also want to keep you regularly up to date with the latest news on the campaign and ask you to confirm you are happy to receive this in the form.

The companies that sign the pledge will also be asked to supply a company name and postcode so that they can be added to the interactive map. By monitoring the locations of where our supporters are we can support and implement further targeted work to ensure the campaigns messages are spread far and wide to promote a more respectful society.

Where is the information stored?

Information is gathered through the Devon & Cornwall Police website and stored in a secure database. This information is downloaded so that companies can be added to the map and then this information is wiped from the database.

Email addresses of those who wish to be contacted in future will be stored securely in a spreadsheet on the Force's secure network, and only accessible by member of the Devon & Cornwall Police Divere Communities team.

Who has access to this information?

Only the in-house web team and the Diverse Communities team will have access to this information.

How long is the information held for?

In line with data protection legislaton, personal data will not be held longer than is necessary.

Periodically we will review the data and confirm that those who have signed the pledge are happy to continue with their commitment.

How can I have my information removed, and how long will the process take?

At present we can only accept pledge sign ups digitally, through the webform. Therefore any requests to have details removed must be done via email to your local team:

Records will be updated as soon as possible, and we will send you the final email once your information has been removed.

Thank you for reading. If you are happy to sign the pledge, please complete the form below.

Please note that the company name and postcode will appear on the interactive map of supporters. The email address is only required to confirm your pledge and for future communications if you consent to receive them.

Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime pledge

Please complete the below

What happens now?

Once you have submitted your pledge you can start promoting the Zero Tolerance to Hate Crime campaign in the following ways:

Most importantly, make sure you are supporting victims of hate crime and encouraging them to report it.


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